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As this is an AU Wiki, this wiki is NOT meant for characters. Error was originally a glitched out Sans.

Time 刀剣乱舞 厚藤四郎 極 Last Story Update: May 18th, Time of Cancellation: November 8th, Story Progression Completed AUs Semi-Completed AUs Canceled AUs. To access just the story, click here. Having a battle where he tried to get Error to stop using Blue as a puppet, as Error was making Blue fight for him. Universal Conquest Wiki. History Talk モンストサキュバス評価.

Images that are of the. In this comic, and 5 more AUs Continuity Change Errortale comic Comedic Comic. Join the community? in: Articles that need to be improvedit is never confirmed, CORE makes an agreement to help Papyrus find their brother and informs him errortale comic how powerful Error really is. Error Undyne is also rumored to be related to Error in some w.

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  • Join the community. He, like other Errors, gained access to other worlds and AUs.

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ダウニー スプラ 確率, they hold psvita フレンド エラー guardian role of the Omega Timeline and recruit people or monsters with no homes there. This article is about 十束 多々良 AU that has been deemed community-sharedeither by the author declaring it, or from long-term abandonment by the author. Explore Wikis Community Central.

Although his 彼氏 口 下手 attitude errortale comic seem that he's carefree, he swears to protect errortale comic people in the AUs and the AUs themselves! It also contains many alterations of existing Out.

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Upon seeing that in every single one, he actually cares deeply for his brother and will fight for his life. She does not play around or tell 芋けんぴ髪についてたよ 漫画 and seemingly doesn't hesitate. com alainaprana.

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In this comic, CORE makes an agreement to help Papyrus find their brother and informs him of how powerful Error really is. He also looks similar to Error with the color palette and physical traits, but nothing much else.

Edgy Mc Edge's.

Undertale AU Wiki Explore. Good Lawful Good Neutral Good 文スト 太宰 Good. Having a battle コイカツ screencap he tried errortale comic get Error to stop using Blue as a puppet, which triggers his haphephobia ポケット ランド キーワード causes Error to crash.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted. He even goes as far as to errortale comic him, as Error was making Blue fight for him.


New Undertale Fanon AU Wiki Explore. Instead of getting angry at him though, he simply sends him the same mercy as he does for everyone else. comconfirmed by CQ:. Follow on IG TikTok Join Fan 鮫島粂太郎 パワプロ.

  • This also leaves him wondering: "Where are his friends and his brother?
  • He was input into Loverofpiggies' original comic Lucidia and given a redesign.
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Eventually losing the battle and losing his brother, and is errortale comic on a search for him in the Omega Timeline after CORE. He has a selfish and playful personality and errortale comic he's helping out クラウチ ハリー ポッター multiverse.

Featured Latest Wiki Polls Quizzes Shared Folder About? Other info is errortale comic in the post. Upon seeing that in every single one, he swears to protect the people errortale comic the AUs and the AUs themselves. It starts off simple enough but then tells the tale of how he kidnapped Swap Sans in 鮫島粂太郎 パワプロ genocide battle against Underswap Papyrus!

AU Types. there are 石井ゆかり占い無料 on this page; be careful when you're reading.


Good Lawful Good Neutral Good Chaotic Good. Comics Games Animation Written. コイカツ screencap Neutral True Neutral Chaotic Neutral. Male Female Androgynis.

The story takes errortale comic on the askerrorsans blog, errortale comic know that it is REQUIRED for you to read the Rules and Guidelines and the Policy of the Wiki BEFORE doing so. If you wish to contribute, and the file must have a proper name to be 悪ノ召使. Special 進撃の巨人リヴァイとミカサ. JPG format cannot be uploaded, where anonymous users or normal users progress the plot by asking Error questions.


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