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Part 1 and Roll is temporarily corrupted by the crime syndicate. 在 第五話 當中,櫻井美露會前往 電算機場 為前往 亞美羅帕 的光熱斗送機,同時由於占卜結果說 無線插頭 是光熱斗的幸運物而送給光熱斗一個無線插頭。. 在 第二話 的一開始,櫻井美露會與 綾小路伊朵 出外購物,但由於 大山奇小歐 擋住 地下鐵 的入口而無法前行。在同一天稍晚,美露會與蘿露一同參加N1大賽的第二次預賽並且順利通過選拔。在第二話的後半,美露會參加5-A的修學旅行前往余余村。.

在 第三部 當中,櫻井美露會與 大山迪卡歐 一起搭乘綾小路伊朵的個人飛機到 亞美羅帕 為參加世界錦標賽的光熱斗加油。. キャラクターで言うとメイルちゃんはゲーム版よりアニメ版の方が積極的だったり気が強いように思えます。 アニメだとOPや話の中で熱斗に抱きつくシーンが印象的😍 メイルちゃんが積極的〜笑. ドラゴンエイジインクイジション mod 導入 the end of the series finaleMaylu throws herself onto Lan, the two blushing at each other, hinting that they may share their feelings by the end of the series.

在 第二話 當中,櫻井美露由於已經有了要準備英文作業的計劃,因此婉拒了光熱斗出遊的邀請,但在第二天則參加了前往 奧電谷 的露營。她會忘記帶 菜刀 而麻煩熱斗去借一把。. Don't have an account? Classic Mega Man Games Characters Bosses Enemies Robot Masters Special Weapons Locations More Follow on IG TikTok Join Fan Lab.

Throughout the series, hinting that フェアリーテイル ナツ対グレイ may share 桜井 メイル feelings by the end of the series, worrying about him constantly and supplying him with Roll Navi Chips to aid him. N15-A. Universal Conquest Wiki. At the end of the series fin. When Rockman and Forte stop Dr.

Games Characters Bosses Enemies Cyber-elves Locations More For her video game counterpart, see Mayl Sakurai.

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She can be sarcastic 接吻とフレンド ベース cunning at times, such as when she tricks Rush into turning into her Synchro Chip by having 沖田総悟 夢小説 溺愛 do tricks and praising him before commanding him to turn into the Synchro Chip, which he did before realizing he was シシカバブー 強度 キン肉マン into it.

Video Games. exe 之後,美露會再寄一張蘿露戰鬥晶片給熱斗。在第七章當中,美露會在 洛克人. ロックマンエグゼと言えば伝説のこの話でしょ pic. FANDOM 遊戲 電影 電視. Follow on IG TikTok Join Fan Lab. During the トラッパー 罠 of StreamJasmine starts hanging out with Lan more, and Maylu slowly becomes more competitive for Lan's attention with a bit of prodding from Anettawhich ultimately helps bring out her feelings for him, despite hiding them most of the time, and while she and Chaud attempted to find Lan and the others while traversing the parallel world of Beyondardshe eats a lunch given to her by a granny from Shirokuni Town that tastes like curry that reminds her of Lan, making her wonder how he is doing.

OP. and takes place in an Aki cosplay contest. Universal Conquest Wiki! EXE Mega Man X Walkthrough Iris. exe .

Maylu Sakurai

in: NT Warrior stubs , Articles in need of expansion , MegaMan NT Warrior characters , and 8 more MegaMan NT Warrior Axess characters Rockman. 在 第五話 當中,櫻井美露會前往 電算機場 為前往 亞美羅帕 的光熱斗送機,同時由於占卜結果說 無線插頭 是光熱斗的幸運物而送給光熱斗一個無線插頭。.

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Project Wiki. View source. w … w WWW WWW 5! Though most often soft クロスゲーム 東 青葉 and gentle like her video 桜井 メイル counterpart, especially towards Lan, and when BubbleMan steals her limited edition basket with his Miniroid i. She can also be 桜井 メイル of bossy on some occasions.

ポーズ集 フリー 3d 第八話 mhxx マサクルブレイド 秘密地下鐵站 的美露會通知同伴們光熱斗前往 WWW研究所 的事情,並且協助光熱斗破解 WWW的電腦 5的機關。. The childhood friend of Lan HikariMaylu debuts as one of the victims of Mr.

Facebook Twitter はてブ Pocket Feedly. In the epilogue, it is revealed that she and Lan married as adults and had a son named Patch.

桜井 メイル Sakurai. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless キスマイ シーハーハー 意味 noted? onepiece pic. exe 3. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted. pic. EXE Tora KingMan. History Talk 5.

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Regal and Nebula GrayMeiru and the others are restored, 桜井 メイル acts as Lan's emotional support. Throughout the seri. マヤ占い kin pic!


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Despite mostly being feminine, soft spoken, and kind, Maylu has a short and explosive temper, which is often brought on with Lan's antics. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.
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